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Improve your home with plantation shutters - call Heritage Window Shutters in London

Plantation Window Shutters: Welcome

Handcrafted plantation shutters

Heritage Window Shutters is an established company based in London, with a great reputation. We work all across the Greater London area, supplying and installing handcrafted plantation shutters that will enhance the look of any room in your home. We always give free quotations, and will happily arrange to visit your home at a convenient time to discuss your requirements, with no obligation whatsoever.


We are a local company that genuinely cares about providing the best services possible. Plantation shutters have a huge range of benefits and are available in a wide choice of styles, so we want to make sure you get exactly the ones you want. All our shutters are guaranteed as well, it’s all part of the service.

Plantation Window Shutters: About

We manufacture and install high-quality handcrafted plantation shutters across the Greater London area


Tier-on-tier shutters

  • These are two sets of panels that operate independently

  • Very versatile

  • Give excellent light control and privacy

  • Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms and dining rooms

  • They are not suitable for use on all windows and they can look too crowded


Full height shutters

  • Very popular option

  • Cover the whole window

  • Great for insulation, noise control and privacy

  • Full height shutters are idea for French or patio doors and tall windows

  • Can be adapted to any window


Cafe shutters

  • With this style, the panels only cover part of the window

  • Let in more light than standard shutters

  • Give a continental feel to your home

  • More decorative than practical - they provide less draught proofing than other types

  • Ideal for rooms that are not overlooked


Shaped shutters

  • Ideal for awkward shaped windows

  • Bespoke panels made to order

  • These can only be made from hardwood

  • If you have some unusually shaped windows in your home, these could be the ideal choice


Tracked shutters

  • These shutters slide in a track, rather than being fitted with frames and hinges

  • Give easy access through a bi-fold or patio door

  • Can be pulled right back to give a good view

  • Not suitable for windows with sills

  • Ideal for any door or window where the shutters need to be pulled back


Solid shutters

  • These are wood panels which cover the whole of the window

  • Give a cosy look

  • Great insulation

  • Not as flexible as other types, they are either open or closed

  • Perfect for bedrooms and older period properties prone to draught

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Need some help?

With so many types of plantation shutters, it can be daunting deciding which is best for you. Don’t worry, the team at Heritage Window Shutters in London will be happy to arrange a home visit to advise you, just call us on:


07980 808688 or 0800 783 4008

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